Nippon Chemi-Con’s green procurement system consists of two pillars, the affirmation of “the environmental management measures” of our suppliers, and “chemical substances control”.

As for “the environmental management measures”, our suppliers assess themselves using self evaluation sheet and answering the questions on their environmental management systems and activities. Based on the results of their assessment, we grasp the status of our suppliers’ environmental conservation activities. Depending on the result, we may call for improvement in their management systems, or conduct an audit.

As for “chemical substances control”, we verify that raw materials and components supplied to Nippon Chemi-Con are in accordance with our list of controlled chemical substances and are controlled in line with regulations.
Controlled chemical substances consist of substances prohibited to be contained and reportable substances if contained. The main objectives of “chemical substances control” is to have our suppliers prove that raw materials and components supplied to us do not contain any banned substances, or to have them report substances contained. We also ask our suppliers to submit support documents such as analysis data or element data.